Disk is a family of smart lights.
The disk lights come in three types and feature a variety of setup solutions. The detachable base can be wall and ceiling mounted or functions as a table or floor stand. 

All disks have no physical switches. They light up when 
you touch the sensor array at the center of each disk or 
the ambient light drops below a certain degree of lux.


project type
school project


powder coated aluminum, HDPE, LEDs, micro controllers

I've been tasked to create a collection of five or more concept products for my industrial design foundation class.   

All of these objects had to be bound together by a similar design approach as well as a universal aesthetic concept. 
life is a concept series of modern household items.  

Each product of the series might be acquired 
and used during different stages of life, ranging 
from early childhood to high age.

Any similarities to existing brands or products are coincidental.  
This project was created for educational purposes only.
Please reach out to me before sharing images of this presentation.