Louis Berger - Fusion
Fusion is a modular camera system, built to enable as many people as possible to capture and relive memories. Using different add-on modules, Fusion can be customised to fit individual demands.

With Fusion, I wanted to explore new ideas around the hardware platform of classic digital cameras and how they could be transformed to serve visually impaired people as instruments of artistic expression.

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Since the shape of cameras isn’t anymore defined by the film, the most essential form defining factors are the lens, grip and screen.

Add-on modules

Make Fusion yours. Fusion’s screen module with integrated Tactus® technology makes the camera feel more like a smart phone or like a point & shoot. The cold shoe mount module replaces the screen for a viewfinder fusing analogue and digital into one new experience.

Built to motivate

Fusion can be equipped with all the features a professional photographer might demand from a camera. At the same time, Fusion is also designed for starters, featuring a simple and customisable UI and no intimidating, exaggerated mechanical aesthetics.


Fusions primary interface is a 26mm touch- and pressure sensitive shutter button. The touch button offers intuitive and customisable ways of interaction. Its design is inspired by mechanical mode dials, making interactions with Fusion more familiar and natural.

Data & Power

All the media you've captured with Fusion can be transferred wirelessly to your smart devices. A USB-C port is used to charge Fusions integrated battery and to transfer files.

Tactile Pictures

Could you add a tactile element to the visual nature of photography?

With a Tactus® technology-enabled screen, colour contrasts, objects, as well as faces and lights are outlined in tactile patterns, allowing visually impaired photographers to frame a picture just using touch.


Fusion integrates directly with your Phone, the hub for mobile editing and sharing. With help of a virtual assistant, images can be described and auto-shared with friends.


Fusion’s metal body is meant to be as durable as possible and to age beautifully during its use.