Louis Berger - Now
Now helps you to make the most of every day. It's a smart wearable that in addition to health & fitness tracking offers a way to analyse for time well spent.

Its built-in neural engine locally analyses your existent calendar events and insights from various other external data points to proactively plan out your next day.

Now curates your day in a friendly and thoughtful way. 

The goal is to use technology to create interactions that can help you grow, rather than ones that distract you.

Bye AI! See you in a bit.

Now's form factor is inspired by classic dress watches. With analogue watches, the main use of the rotating watch face was to protect the delicate analogue movement. 

The rotating display assembly creates a simple interaction with which to temporarily pause Now's onboard AI processing for complete privacy.

A tangible home for your AI

With extremely personal technology like AI's, it might feel better when users know where it physically is. Placing your assistant in a directly relatable object might help to ease adoption and interaction as well.

Ideally, a dress watch will stay with you for several years or even decades. In this sense, Now is meant to spend a substantial amount of time with you, to get to know you and ultimately help you to define your "why"?

Mirror display

In order to blend in completely with Now's polished metal finish, its screen is masked and covered by an anodised one way mirror that colour matches the other case components, to convey an illusion of perfect surface transitions.

Timeline UI

Now displays past, current and upcoming events. Each event is connected to a certain auto-generated length. 

The AI splits up your day into smaller 15-30min intervals, which are attributed to certain colour coded time tags. In this mode Now only shows the remaining time in each event as an abstract hourglass indicator.

Your curated data can be handed off to larger display devices should the interaction require it.

Time Compass

The time compass gives you a way to track your priorities over the course of a day, a month etc. The colour-coded time tags create an abstract image of how you spend your time.

Social Beacon

More and more elements in our lives make it difficult to communicate openly in public.
Now rethinks wearable tech as an analogue communication enabler.

If individual users opt-in, it transfers communication preferences to people near by.

Tick Tock

Double-tap the screen to reveal a classic digital watch face.  For the instances when you just want to know the time :)

Made to keep

In order to keep the hardware in shape for several years of use, components that get worn out quickly, or get obsolescent faster than others can be replaced.


The replaceable bands integrate directly into the main case. Now comes with silicone loops, real & artificial leather bands, Milanese & Cordonnet bands.


The back of the display assembly doubles as a canvas for personal engravings: Monograms, personal inscriptions, etc.

The screen case also features a small subsurface indicator to notify of system events that might need your attention.

Data Link

The structural backbone of Now is a bridge-like metal part, which features integrated conductive paths that connect the modular biometric sensor array with the main assembly.

Event Feedback

Now learns from your feedback. 

If you feel like you’ve spent your time more meaningfully and you were more focused on what you wanted to achieve, Now will do its best to keep supporting you. 

With daily reviews & rewards, Now aims at gamifying day-to-day tasks and long term plans.