Louis Berger - Orbit
A screen where you need it:
Orbit is a projection system, delivering true color images up to 55'', even in bright daylight. It can offer an immersive home theatre experience like a TV-set, however, its outer appearance does not dominate the living space like conventional TV screens.

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Made for urban living

Aside from mounting Orbit to the ceiling like a conventional beamer, you can also wall-mount Orbit, use a free standing set-up solution, or simply use the magnetic counter balance to set up your home cinema virtually anywhere.

Portable? Stationary?

It’s up to you. The entire system is housed in an 18cm diameter recycled aluminium case, which makes it easy to carry the beamer around.

Auto Setup

Orbit features an integrated OLED screen, which makes it possible to set-up your projector, change volume, brightness and input source with simple touch gestures.

Projection Adjustment

To change the angle of projection, simply move the magnetically attached counterbalance around the case. Orbit automatically autofocuses and warps the projected image.

Designed for repairability

Orbit's inner components are easy to access and to replace.

Puck Remote

Puck is an omnidirectional bluetooth remote made for the interaction with Orbit.

Projected Interface

Use Puck to navigate Orbit's GUI

Data & Power

Orbit features two USB-C ports for mobile charging and data, as well as an HDMI port for a set-top box, a presentation computer etc.