Louis Berger - Oyster
Oyster is a packaging concept for personal electronic devices.

Whenever new innovative technologies come along, we could use all the resources from existing old hardware to manufacture something new, instead of sourcing vast quantities of new materials for the latest product generation.

The packaging is designed to be used as a reusable shipping container and as a retail box. Its goal is to make the process of returning your old hardware easier and more delightful.

Most of our electronic devices never return to their maker.
A product like Oyster could help to close the gaps between use, distribution & recycling.

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The Packaging consists of several protective layers that are made to last.

Oyster aims at delivering a reusable packaging system without compromising on a high-quality unboxing experience.

Real Artists Ship (Back)

The backside of Oyster's shipping pouch features an NFC activated e-ink screen.

If you choose to return your old devices, a digital shipping label will be automatically created for you.

Ai Inspection & Direct Refund

Before sending your old phone away, you can scan it using your new device: The cosmetic and technical condition is checked by an Ai to offer you an individual and instant cash refund.

Oyster Box

The two magnetically connected haves of the packaging separate in two, to reveal your new phone and its accessories.

Smart Set-Up

Oyster can be reprogrammed to initiate various actions on the user's phone, like backups or data-transfers.

It could also trigger the collection of diagnosis logs if used as a send-in repair unit.

Personalised Off-boarding

During the data transfer process from your old to your new handset, your device will present you with a summary of the time you've spent together.

At the same time, your device will calculate its estimated Co2e impact over the years of its use.

You'll be able to offset the amount directly or by using a bit of the refund for your old device.

One Size Fits Most

During shipping, your electronics are protected by a microfibre pouch. The pouch can be adapted to future device generations, making it unnecessary to overhaul the entire packaging for each device cycle.

Battery Pack

The add-on battery regulates charging cycles to combat signs of ageing of your main built-in battery over long term use.

CMF Range

The shipping pouch is available in several colourways to differentiate product characteristics.